Well HELLO! While I’ve Been Gone…

A tremendous amount of work has taken place since I last posted! I thought living in the basement without a kitchen was stressful but having everything installed and hooked up has been even more stressful!

I LOVE Ideal Cabinets, Inc. in Christiansburg, VA but the installers they sent out were the Cat in the Hat’s Thing 1 and Thing 2! So here’s┬áthe quick version and most importantly “lessons learned!”

Cabinets installed beautifully, appliances delivered without a hitch other than rain, but Mike with G&H Appliance in Christiansburg is easy on the eyes, smart and capable. Then Ideal sent out the Cat and his Things to install.

Cat came on day one, annoyed Thing 1 to the point of distraction and virtually nothing was accomplished. In one full day they managed to install the garbage disposer but not hook it up. Day two, Thing 1 came with Thing 2 and they worked diligently all day long. They got the disposer connected, and little else. Day three and Things are back to finish and managed to connect and vent the microwave, connect the ice maker and plug in the oven, but forgot the anti-tilt bracket. I said put it on, so they did but in the process of doing so broke the over drawer. I said go. They went. Stressed, irritated and totally frustrated I called the Ideal Cabinets and being the wonderful company they are, they made it right.

Then one week passes before Tony my favorite electrician (along with his dad Henry) came to install the can lights. It was a MESS! Not Tony’s fault at all, but the awful shredded cellulose insulation in the attic fell freely from all the holes cut for the cans. We were one short (a simple miscount) so I went to Home Depot, got one but had to wait yet another week to reschedule Tony. THEN it was 99.5% done. I have to do three small ceiling repairs to the plaster, paint over a few dirty handprints from installation and load ‘er up.

Loading up the kitchen is like moving again. Everything has to be unpacked and washed. All the drawers and shelves lined and then where to put stuff? This kitchen’s configuration is different than my old kitchen which was large with a pantry, this one is very tiny with no pantry. I’m struggling through that process. Today I ordered from Amazon a large 18″ lazy susan for the upper corner cabinet that doesn’t have one. I’m going to BBB tomorrow for another (with a coupon of course). (There should be an Amazon link to this product shown.) I have a lot of shelving accessories from Copco and they are sturdy and have a thick nonskid gray rubber base which looks nice and holds things in their place.


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