DIY TV: Entertainment Not Close to Reality

I’ve watched a gazillion episodes of First Time Flippers  and Flipping Virgins on TV and enjoy watching people bumble through the process of demo and rebuilding. It’s fun, funny but also there are good ideas to be gleaned from watching. The single thing that seems to stump many or most is installing kitchen cabinets. They drop them, measure wrong, install incorrectly and a ton of other mistakes. One thing I’ve not seen though is the tedious process of leveling correctly. Guess that’d make for boring TV, but it also would lend some reality to what I now know is entertainment. Watch and enjoy but know that the tasks are huge and what you see is not everything. Ever see a permit tacked to the front of the house as required by law? See the inspectors on the site? It’s entertainment, we’re not supposed to think of all the reality of a renovation!

It’s fun to watch, I do it, and it’s possible to learn from what you see but don’t think it’s “reality”!
Notice the background, one shot house is red brick,  next voila’ it’s painted. A lot of steps are skipped.

The installer was in my kitchen from about 8:30AM to 5:30PM working on installing the kitchen cabinets. He has spend a tremendous amount of time leveling, shimming, measuring, leveling more and tweaking and after all that time got three bases in and three uppers and is still working on them!

Is my house particularly wonky and out of level I asked? “Absolutely not!” I was told. Few homes are perfectly square and older homes are pretty much “never” square, so how is it that the beginner DIY’ers are shown installing so quickly? I can’t answer that but I do have even greater respect for the craftsmen working on my house and I really appreciate the time and care being taken by Ideal Cabinets in the installation.


What I’ve learned is something I’ve said before. The value of hiring a professional is well worth it for level, properly (safely) installed cabinets.

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