This is the story of the dismantling my life as it had been for 30 years, loading it into a truck and reassembling it in a different location.

I have not done anything extraordinary in my life. I’m am a sensible risk taker. Open a door and I’ll go through, crack a window and I’ll stick my head out because I’m curious and it’s just more fun to take action rather than just think about taking action; inertia, stagnation, inactivity, idleness are not for me. I am often told how amazing it is that I do some of the things that I do, and it may all look easy and smooth. It’s not.

These are my adventures. I’m a healthy, energetic woman who feels blessed, lucky, fortunate or whatever word describes having a roof, food, family and friends.  But, it’s not all sunshine and happiness, there are dark days as I adjust to the Big Boomer Adventure. This is what I have discovered along the way as I have jumped into new ventures and adventures. These stories are much more than the “what I did” but about how I coped and what I’m learning and just now figuring out at 64.

The Backstory

I love houses.  I’ve crawled every inch, every corner, touched each window sill and plunged my hands deep into the earth around my homes.  As a child my family moved a lot and I always had a deep, private relationship with each house we moved into. Maybe it was my way of creating a sense of security. Regardless, I love my own and looking at other peoples houses. I love daydreaming how I could remodel or redecorate them and enjoy the nuances and details that make houses unique.

I’ve painted and pickled, wallpapered and muraled, fixed up, torn down, sanded, stained, varnished, screened, landscaped and done a million other things to the houses I’ve lived in. Some was to save money, some because it’s fun and the feeling of accomplishment is splendid. I feel accomplished at any kind of decorating, faux finishing, and designing and it’s from a lifetime of practice.

Now I’m a fabulous 60-something and while I want to redecorate, landscape and make this downsized house my own, I didn’t count on major renovations, construction and all the expense and hard work it entails. Now I find myself tired, very literally broke and apprehensive about entering retirement years with big fat debt from working on the house.

Stay With Me

The work must be done and I will do it even if it kills me (which it might). So here we are, me trying to make a home of a house and a livable house of a wreck. Stay with me on this, because the ending will be happy. Feel free to laugh at me and with me, but stay with me and be entertained and maybe learn something too!

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