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I moved from an empty nest, a home I loved and downsized to what turned out to be a DIY nightmare of neglect. Not what I expected to be doing at this age, this is the the story of a boomer’s journey with a real life “money pit”! 

I’m one of those people who can make big, bold moves.  Friends often say; “I wish I could do that!” If you are a little more hesitant to change, that’s OK, we are who we are, but if you want to be a bit more daring, I’m convinced that anyone can learn to set aside fear to take that giant step off a cliff and soar!

My move was from an larger home, an empty nest to a modest little fixer upper! As a sixty-something baby boomer I never thought my little fixer upper would turn out to be a money pit that requires almost total renovation! Not for a moment what I thought I’d be doing at this age!

DIY isn’t easy at any age and although challenging it’s been kind-of fun as I’ve learned to use new tools, tackled big problems, faced challenges and overcome.  I’ve complained (a lot!), whined (also a lot!), laughed and pressed on.


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